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"I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and leaky gut for the last 25 years.  I just found out that I have a gene mutation that doesn't allow me to detox heavy metals through chelation therapy.  The only way for me to detox my body is through Ingrid's weekly treatments.  She combines her deep knowledge and talent of manual lymph drainage with experience and intuitive constitutional gentle acupressure. Since I'm seeing Ingrid, my energy level is much, much better." Tracy H.


"Following my liposuction procedure of tummy and sides/back, my doctor sent me to Ingrid for lymphatic drainage massage. It reduced swelling, bruising, AND pain tremendously. And yes, there is some pain after lipo, but Ingrid's lymphatic massage was super-gentle, painless, and made me feel so much better. I could see and feel the swelling and lumps disappear. I would highly recommend her treatments after any plastic surgery. She is warm, knowledgeable, and extremely experienced in the field of plastic surgery." Natalie A., Music Industry


"Following my second necklift revision, and unfortunate prior experiences with ultrasound and massage for scar tissue reduction and swelling, I thankfully found Ingrid.  Through her MLD techniques the swelling on my neck and collarbone area went down, and the redness was reduced significantly. I would highly recommend her. The MLD was gentle, and besides being very effective also extremely relaxing." Helen K., Clinical Psychologist


"Three months after my breast reduction, I still couldn't lift my arm easily and move like I usually do. I am a very active person, and work long days, so the discomfort under my arm in the flank area was really "unacceptable". After two treatments from Ingrid, the tight band, I think scar tissue, has softened up, and my range of motion is much better. The Lymph Treatment was so gentle and relaxing that I was actually falling asleep easily; something I had not experienced since my surgery. I am extremely pleased with the outcome, and it has enhanced my surgery experience." Lauren F., Interior Designer


"After my brow and eye lift surgery, I felt extremely sore and looked like a "raccoon".  I don't  much like taking pain medication, and when a friend told me about Ingrid's lymph drainage techniques, I thought: "Why not? I might at least give it a try."  After one treatment I already felt better; the swelling went down and I needed no pain pill that night.  Of course I went back the next day! I can only highly recommend her services. She is extremely talented, knowledgeable, kind, and discreet." Jennifer B., Author and TV writer


"For my 55th birthday I gave myself the gift of a facelift. My surgeon was amazing, he used endoscopic incisions and did some fat transfers to my face (which meant some lipo at my tummy). I thought I would be ready to face the outside world within 2 weeks, but unfortunately that was not the case: I was still quite swollen and bruised. He sent me to see Ingrid for lymphatic treatments, and after experiencing the first treatment, I was feeling better and less swollen. I went to see her 5 more times and was able to enjoy my birthday party, looking beautiful and refreshed (not swollen and bruised)." Suzanne W., Mother and Fashion Designer


“Within a week of my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery/procedure, Ingrid started working with me regularly to reduce the post-surgical swelling and pain through MLD and gentle acupressure. It makes a huge difference! I am not completely “done” with it, but Ingrid has helped me tremendously through difficult and sometimes quite painful procedures. She is gentle, knowledgeable, and always has a positive energy.” Anna K.,


"I had almost given up after having developed lymph edema in my leg after surgery. My doctors couldn't help me, and I felt unattractive and embarrassed.  Ingrid taught me how to manage my lymph edema, and continue to have a very active and happy life with my family and friends. Thank you so much". Stephanie H., HR Manager


"After an odyssey of almost a year, I finally found a great lymph edema therapist.  Ingrid reduced the swelling of my arm, fit me for a (very cool) arm sleeve, and taught me how to manage my lymph edema. My arm is not bothering me any more; the swelling went down tremendously. I have started playing the piano again. I have regained my quality of life"! Gina H., Marketing and PR


"I have Lyme disease: debilitating fatigue, foggy brain, aches, swelling, bloating, and digestive issues. Western medicine has not been that helpful, so I decided to follow a naturopathic/integrative medicine approach. A big part of my treatment protocol is to keep my body as "clean/free of toxins" as possible. Manual Lymph Drainage is an important tool in my care, and I always feel so much better after my treatments with Ingrid." Amy C., former PhD student, Biochemistry


"Ingrid is unbelievably knowledgeable, and has a gift imparting difficult information in a clear, comprehensible manner. As a body worker she is extremely skilled and compassionate, recognizing each client as an individual with specific needs and requirements.".  Enrica T.


"When I developed lymphedema 8 years after surviving breast cancer, I was extremely confused and distraught. I was told this was not likely to happen.  Physical therapy was not enough, and I finally found Ingrid, who is not only breast cancer certified, but was the first person who really took the time to explain AND treat me. I have accepted that lymphedma is a chronic condition, however, with Ingrid's MLD treatments, creative kinesiotaping, plus compression, it's a manageable condition.  The dark cloud has lifted and can enjoy my life again. With gratitude", Maria E., Attorney


"As an instructor, Ingrid was thorough, knowledgeable and had a gift of making the information interesting. I have also had the pleasure of experiencing her bodywork after a surgery. I felt an immediate decrease in pain (while on the table) and I believe it was her treatments that allowed me to heal so quickly and completely. I highly recommend her services.”     Fay Jones, Licensed Acupuncturist    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative







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